MAP Fund 2018

3 Jun


Type of Opportunity: Round One online application open

Deadline: September 25-October 30, 2017

Before you begin:

Read key information about applying for a MAP Fund grant. These pages are also excellent resources to use as you fill in your application:
Grantmaking Process
Applicant support

Keep the Applicant Companion webpage open in an adjacent tab while you apply. The companion is organized to match the structure of the application.

We highly recommend that you draft all narrative responses in a separate document first so that you always have a copy of the latest version of your work. Submittable is designed to auto-save after each field entry, but saving your progress frequently is a great idea.

Creating the Application:
Each application requires a functioning email address. This is the email that we’ll use for all subsequent communications about the project.

You may save your progress and return to your work any time before the deadline on October 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

Before you submit:
Make sure that the version you submit is the version you would like MAP to review. Changes cannot be made after submission.

Remember that MAP Fund cannot accept late applications for any reason.
If you have any trouble, emailing is the best and fastest way to connect with MAP staff.

Learn more:

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