Barcelona International Dance Exchange

4 Dec


Type of Opportunity: Application for networking and exchange platform

Deadline: April 2018

Each year a BIDE Lab-meeting takes place in Barcelona with around 60 professionals in performing arts coming from around 25 countries; we welcome three different profiles: Dancers, Choreographers and Cultural Managers linked to institutions and dance organizations.

During this event a series of activities happens, the axis of the encounter is our method of collaborative creation, a format that we call B>Lab. Each day there are three to six B>labs coordinated by members of the team as national and international participants. English is the language of the event.

Within the event, in addition to the B>Labs, there is also a series of activities thought to promote mobility, exchange, and internationalization of participants:

Speed Dating: short talks between artists to get to know their profiles and realities.

NewsRoom: space of visibility, where to announce specific needs and proposals of the participants current and future projects.

B>Cultural Management Lab: As in the B>Labs movement is the driving force, BIDE also offers a B>Lab with the focus placed on the Cultural Management of institutions, organizations, and festivals that collaborate with us and are connected thanks to the network that we provide.

B>Expo: Space of visibility for BIDE collaborators to present in 6 minutes and with 20 images their program and artistic proposal for the year.

Feedback: Each morning constructive feedback sessions are modulated about the processes that each B>lab had the previous day.

The laboratories will have a duration of six hours, and during them, the goal is to write a score played from the dance, music, and drama that will be presented to the public at the end of the session. For this, the playwrights and musicians will rotate two times of laboratory (every two hours of the same) finding a new group of dancers and also with a score in progress, the composition is continued from the point it has ended by the group before. The immediacy of the proposal is in line with the transversal display of ideas of which we spoke earlier; therefore we will also propose for the four Score>Labs a transversal theme: the Remix.

The Remix theme is offered as an artistic tool, a device for connections, a trigger for inspiration, a concept for research, a basis for discussion and the starting point for dialogue. The Remix is a strategy of composition and innovation in music. The main feature of a Remix is that it modifies other materials to create something new. BIDE is interested in the translation of this practice of music in dialogue with dance, choreography, and dramaturgy. A Remix involves the coexistence of different artists in the same work. It facilitates evolution and development and opens up the possibility of a potentially different creative process, opening up stage questions, How can we remix a body with a sound? Space? A context?, How can we remix a memory?, How can we remix an opinion?

Open Performance: During the 3rd day of the meeting the process of working the community begins, showing in performance format the scenic result created in the B>Labs so far.

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