Creative Capital – Request for LOIs

8 Jan


Type of Opportunity: Request for Letters of Inquiry

Deadline: February 1-28, 2018

Creative Capital takes chances on artists by supporting your bold, challenging, and genre-stretching ideas. Over the past 20 years, we have developed a four-part approach that includes support for you, your project, your community, and your audience. Through funding, professional development, individual meetings with close colleagues, and consistent engagement with our staff, we provide you with the resources you will need at strategic moments in your process. These include: consultations with legal, financial, marketing, public relations, and web consultants; an orientation meeting, Artist Retreats and Regional Gatherings; ten meetings with a strategic planning coach; and much more.

We make a commitment to work with you for the time you need to get your project done. Most of the projects we fund have a three-to-five-year timeline; even if yours is longer, we will stick with you every step of the way.


February 2018

Letter of Inquiry

Along with your project title, descriptions, and selection of up to two disciplines, you will be asked to respond to six questions (.PDF) and provide a total budget number for your project. Letters of Inquiry will be accepted Feb 1 through Feb 28 (Midnight GMT.)

July–September 2018


If your project is selected to move to the second round, you will be asked for work samples, a project update, confirmation of your residency status and a full line-item budget. No edits can be made to your letter of inquiry.

October–December 2018

Panel Review

Projects chosen for panel review will be asked for another project update. No additional material will need to be submitted.


December 2018–January 2019


Panel meetings will be held in New York City in the fall. 46 projects will be chosen for support and submitted to our board of directors for final approval.

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