SE.S.TA OPEN CALL: international residencies

5 Mar


Type of Opportunity: Residency

Deadline: April 15, 2019

21th – 30st August 2019 | Prague

International choreographic residencies under the guidance of experimented and world-renowned coaches Kathy Casey (CA) and Valentina Desideri (IT/NL). We are currently accepting applications for the twelfth year.

About the project

The goal of the Coaching Residencies is to guide and support the artistic work of emerging choreographers and to navigate them in reflection of their initiated projects. The Residencies act also as a platform establishing a discourse in the field of contemporary dance, art and life echoing the Czech and international dance and art scene.

The objective of the Residencies is not aiming to form professional dancers, nor to direct aesthetic aspect of the expression. Rather it wants to encourage the invention or reinvention of variable modes of choreographic work and to boost the research of unusual ways of expressing artistic intention. The Coaching Residencies have a form of a dialogue between emerging choreographers and hosting coaches who guide them in their artistic work.

The Coaching Residencies last ten days and apart from intensive tutoring of the choreographers it includes lectures and everyday feedback sessions, common discussions and mutual presentations of the artistic processes in the frame of open rehearsals and public presentations. Both the public presentations and common discussions offer artists the possibility to confront and share their work with their potential audience.

You can read more about the tenth year of the Coaching Residencies in the enclosed summary.

Artistic coaching during residential workshops brings participants a shift in thinking about artistic creation and its process.


/ Morning training session (opened for public)
/ Group work in the studio with the coaches (4 – 6 hours daily)
/ Two-hour discussion in the evening
/ One-day seminar with lectures and video screenings
/ Public presentation of the choreographic project

Practical information:

We offer:

/ Dance studio of sufficient capacity for their interpreters
/ Supervision of a professional coach
/ Peer-to-peer cooperation with other choreographers
/ Constructive discussion and feedback
/ Conferences and lectures by experts from various fields
/ DVD records of the work of progress
/ Meeting with the audience
/ International networking
/ Sharing know-how and possibilities leading to actual results
/ Half of the Travel costs covered
/ Help with finding an affordable accommodation (we do not cover accommodation costs)

Workshop Fee: 350 EUR (the cost of accommodation is not included)


Send your application form including CV and project description at the latest 15th April 2019.


Obligatory attachment: Together with the application send a DVD or link to a video of your choreography, from which you will come out on the residency, you can also attach samples of your previous work. The show should take about 15 minutes.

You can specify the name of the coach you would like to work with during your stay. We will endeavor to meet your demands.

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