6th Annual Mbongui Square Festival 2019

9 Apr


Type of Opportunity: Call for festival applications

Deadline: June 15, 2019

Date of Festival: December 20, 21, & 22

Locations: Shawl Anderson Dance Center (Berkeley)

& Idora Park Project Space (Oakland)

To Apply visit:

Mbongui Square Festival

Please, direct any questions to mbonguisf@gmail.com.


Mbongui Square Festival promotes the intersectionality of art forms and encourages ethnic diversity. This event creates a bridge between local, national and international artists to enrich the local experience and reinforce the vision of a society that coalesces through the art of dance, music, spoken word poetry, and visual arts.

In the Kongo language of Central Africa, Mbongui is a place where the community gathers. Mbongui means togetherness and it upholds values of hospitality, free speech, justice, equity, and moral societal codes. To learn more about the festival, visit: www.mbonguifest.org/

Kiandanda Dance Theater invites dance, music, spoken word and visual art artists to submit their existing work to be considered for the Mbongui Square Festival in December 2019.

Participating in this festival provides artists with performance opportunity, publicity, generous tech support, a videographer and photographer to document your performances, as well as hospitality in the spirit of the Mbongui (community).

Please send application fee via PAYPAL at mbonguisf@gmail.com.

Deadline & Costs: Total Application Fee $75

May 18, $15 (discount) application fee (non-refundable)

June 15, $25 application fee (non-refundable)

**Remaining Balance of $50 due upon acceptance on July 28th.

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