Ensibuko Arts Festival 2021

1 Jun



Type of Opportunity: Open Call for Festival Submissions

Deadline: Rolling

Ensibuko Arts Festival is an annual arts gathering at the heart of the historical jinja city. The festival brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange knowledge, artistic skills, and life experiences, but also showcase and market their work. The festival provides artists with a platform for joint learning, exhibitions, performances and knowledge exchange, with aim to open opportunities for local and international creatives. It is at the core of our purpose to produce innovative unique concepts, mind-bending performances and art works.

Ensibuko Arts Festival strives to create artists with unique identities. Would you want to perform on the 2021edition? Please fill in the basic form below and you might be selected to perform on the 2021 edition

Watch a short video recap of the previous editions on this link: https://youtu.be/HubzL3I3saw

For more information and opportunities visit our website: www.ensibukoartsfoundation.org

We invite all artistes around the world who would love to contribute to the festival to apply. Every year the festival has a new theme. Following this year’s theme ( Green Edge ), we seek artists to present new or already existing pieces that reflect their artistic research.
The festival is set for 16-17/October/ 2021

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