Creative Capital 2023

26 Nov




Type of Opportunity: Funding/Award Opportunity

Deadline: Letters of Inquiry due April 1, 2022


Artists are invited to propose innovative new projects for the Creative Capital Awards in the following areas (projects will be evaluated by external reviewers with expertise in the qualifying fields). We invite artists to submit their proposals based on which area experts are most suited and qualified to review the project proposal, with the understanding that radical art is often by nature interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, or antidisciplinary. By choosing to apply within a certain disciplinary category, we are asking you to choose how you want to frame the discussion around your work and to indicate which experts are most qualified to evaluate your project proposal.

Creative Capital is fiercely committed to groundbreaking ideas that challenge what art can be. As countless visionary projects selected for the Creative Capital Awards have demonstrated, impactful ideas are embedded in the work of forward-thinking artists in a myriad of forms, often with the goal of imagining new forms of living.  In keeping with the spirit of the 17 UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Project Drawdown 100 Ways to Reverse Global Warming, we too have an expansive definition of “sustainability” that goes far beyond climate change and the environmental challenges we face—including: good health and wellbeingaffordable and clean energyreduced inequalitieslife on land, and peace, justice, and strong institutions.


ROUND I: Tell us your idea. Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

Along with your project title, one line project description (25 words max), project description (250 words max), resume, and artist website (if applicable), please answer the following questions:

  1. How does your project take an original and imaginative approach to content and form? Please be as specific as possible. (150 words)
  2. Please place your work in context so we may better evaluate it. What are the main influences upon your work as an artist? How does your past work inform your current project? Please use concrete examples, which may include other artists’ work, art movements, cultural heritage, science, philosophy, research/work from outside the arts field, etc. (150 words)
  3. What kind of impact—artistic, intellectual, communal, civic, social, political, environmental, etc.—do you hope your project will have? What strategies will you employ to achieve the desired impact? (100 words)
  4. Who are the specific audiences/communities that you hope to engage through this project? Please think beyond the broader art community where possible. How are you hoping to reach them? (100 words)
  5. How might your proposed project act as a catalyst for your artistic and professional growth? In what ways is it a pivotal moment in your practice? (100 words)
  6. In addition to funding, Creative Capital also provides scaffolding and support services for awardees (such as expert consultations, gatherings/retreat, alumni network, workshops). How would our non-monetary services help you to realize your goals for this project and/or your long-term artistic and professional growth? (100 words)

ROUND II: Project Details

  1. Project itemized budget (1 page)
  2. Project timeline (1 page)
  3. Work samples (5 stills, 5 min video max)

ROUND III: Final Panel Review

Finalists submit proof of eligibility. Any finalist projects and award-winning projects which are directly related to any of the 17 UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Project Drawdown 100 Ways to Reverse Global Warming will have the opportunity to have the way or the icon of that UN Sustainable Development goal attached to their project on our Creative Capital website in an effort to advance the global dialogue around these critical issues impacting the future of our communities, our planet, and beyond.

2023 Creative Capital Awards Timeline

Artists will be able to submit applications for their projects in Performance, Technology, and Literature.

  • March 1 to April 1, 2022: Letter of Inquiries (LOI) accepted
  • April 1, 2022 4:00 PM [Eastern Time / New York Time]: LOI deadline
  • July 2022: Notification of advancement to Round II
  • September 2022: Notification of advancement to Final Panel Review
  • January 2023: Public announcement of 2023 Creative Capital Awards

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