ADR 2013 | San Francisco

Company Name Contact Person
Alonzo King LINES Ballet Janette Gitler, Executive Director
AXIS Dance Company Judith Smith, Artistic Director
Bandaloop Amelia Rudolph, Founder/Artistic Director
Thomas Cavanagh, Executive Director
ODC Dance Company Brenda Way, Artistic Director
Amara Tabor Smith Amara Tabor Smith, Artistic Director
Jesse Hewit & Laura Arrington Jesse Hewit
Laura Arrington
Burnswork Christian Burns, Artistic Director
Hope Mohr Dance Hope Mohr, Artistic Director
Robert Moses’ Kin Robert Moses, Artistic Director
The Foundry/Alex Ketley Alex Ketley, Artistic Director/Choreographer
Fauxnique Monique Jenkinson
Flyaway Productions/Jo Kreiter Jo Kreiter, Artistic Director
Paufve Dance Randee Paufve, Artistic Director
Danse Lumiere Kathryn Roszak, Artistic Director
InkBoat/Shinichi Iova-Koga Shinichi Iova-Koga, Artistic Director
Kiandanda Byb Chanel Bibene, Artistic Director
Kunst-Stoff Yannis Adoniou, Artistic Director/Choreographer
World Arts West Julie Mushet, Executive Director
Liss Fain Dance Liss Fain, Artistic Director
Levy Dance Ben Levy, Artistic Director
Chitresh Das Dance Company
San Francisco Ballet Helgi Tomasson, Artistic Director
Glen McCoy, Executive Director

Please fill out this ADR Contact Request FORM to request contact information for past Artist Participants.

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