Dance Dialogue: Focus on Dieter Jaenicke

internationale tanzmesse nrw is a biennial international marketplace and festival for contemporary dance. Dance companies and artists from all over the world present their work live on stage. For choreographers, dancers, agencies, presenters and cultural institutions alike, it is a platform of vivid networking and exchange. It is an opportunity to meet roughly 2,000 professionals from all over the world, providing a space for topical discourse on recent developments in the field of contemporary dance.

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Six months ago, Dieter Jaenicke took over the artistic direction of internationale tanzmesse nrw 2018 and 2020. The experienced curator, festival manager and artistic director is the fourth director in Tanzmesse’s nearly 25-year history. He seeks to further develop cooperation with the international dance field as well as to curate a high-quality dance festival, both for international professional visitors and local audiences. As the current artistic director of HELLERAU, he draws on very diverse experiences in the dance field, as well as in the cultural field in general, including experience as curator for festival Boticário na Danca in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, festival director in Aarhus and organizer of the World Culture Forums 2004 and 2006.

First and foremost, he aims for holistic fairness and universality. To achieve this goal, Dieter Jaenicke seeks to provide a high quality artistic program and an open, welcoming attitude. Not only does Tanzmesse provide a broad space for the different genres and facets of contemporary dance, it also reflects societal issues by means of dance. Dieter Jaenicke values new ways of thinking and creating, cross-overs with other art forms, such as fine arts, new media or design, and particularly the fusion between tradition and innovation. To live up to this aspiration, all world regions need to be adequately represented at Tanzmesse. Jaenicke states: “It is international, global, and universal. We will especially take care that Africa and South America – who have had very little presence in the past – will be part of internationale tanzmesse nrw and its festival in 2018.”

Artists and choreographers who wish to participate are welcomed to send their proposals for performances until November 13, 2017. Artists need to be represented by a booth in order to apply for the festival program. Jaenicke encourages artists to “contact us personally if you have any questions, doubts, concerns!”

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