Dance Dialogue: Focus on Pierre Des Marais

5x7 Pierre-1036_72dpi (1)Danse Danse is a specialized dance presenting organization based in Montreal (Quebec), Canada that principally uses three theatres in the Complexe of Place des Arts, one of the largest art complexes in North America and the largest in Canada (it contains six theatres, as well as the MACM, a contemporary art museum). The theatres that we use have 300, 1,400 and 3,000 seat capacities. We have a season that runs from September to May and we present up to 15 different productions per year. Each production runs for four to five nights.

What is unique about our season is that, since its beginning, we have concentrated on developing our public. Indirectly, it has permitted us to increase the number of performances for the companies being presented. We are presently close to 3,000 subscribers and they are the backbone of Danse Danse.

Year after year, Danse Danse presents strong seasons of exceptional contemporary dance – we receive exciting, compelling proposals from all over the world. Different aesthetics intersect and intermingle in the heart of the entertainment district, presented to audiences as diverse as the performances themselves. Danse Danse not only makes the essential repertoire of contemporary dance accessible to Montreal audiences, but also portrays the exhilarating rhythms of our times by creating striking new works.

With a strong focus on excellence at the core of its activities, Danse Danse tries to present to its public the range of what is available from around the world. Blending styles and interweaving disciplines, our dance offerings embrace a variety of artistic languages. Visual arts, theatre and music combined with gestures and physicality is very present in our programming, reflecting the amazing diversity of current contemporary dance practice at the local, national and international levels. From indie rock to exhilarating pop by way of classical elements, jazz rhythms and world beats, the music is becoming more prominent than ever this year and in the years to come. It is performed live on stage in several of the shows that we present and it is at the heart of the works we choose.


Above: Alonzo King Lines Ballet

Our programming is quite international in scope and we do not focus on any particular countries. We gravitate toward excellence. We look for affirmative and strong choreographic voices. Because we use mainly large theatres, we look for companies and choreographies that are quite large in scope, in order to fill a 1,400-seat theatre.

We make an effort to stay apprised about what is happening in the dance world today, but we strongly suggest that choreographers and companies keep us informed on presentations and touring plans so that in some of our travels we may get the chance to see a performance*. We make every effort to see a performance before we decide to present it. Contact and Caroline Ohrt at


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