FAQ: Professional Critique (for evaluators)

Q) How frequently will I be expected to complete evaluations?

A) The frequency of evaluations will depend on the volume of participants who wish to tour in your region, and the number of programmers in your region who have agreed to be evaluators. The number will probably not be greater than one or two per year.

Q) What if I’m too busy when you assign me an evaluation?

A) We will check in with you before assigning an evaluation to make sure you have time. If you do not, simply let us know as soon as possible so we can approach another evaluator.

Q) I do not feel I can objectively evaluate the company I’ve been paired with. Must I complete the evaluation anyway?

A) No. If you feel uncomfortable with the assignment in any way (ie. you are not knowledgeable about its genre; you have a personal bias against the company; the work is completely contrary to your taste in dance), let us know as soon as possible so we can approach another evaluator. We attempt to match each company with an evaluator who will appreciate its aesthetic, but that’s not always simple to predict.

Q) How will I be compensated for each evaluation?

A) Your $175 stipend is payable through PayPal, upon completion of your evaluation and upon submission of the PayPal Payment Request Form that we will provide you. We are not able to send the stipend by bank transfer, but under special circumstances we may be able to arrange a cash payment.

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