FAQ: Professional Critique (for companies)

Q) May I submit more than one video as part of my Professional Critique materials?

A) Yes. We recommend no more than two or three videos, as this will allow more specific feedback from your evaluator.

Q) How soon can I expect to receive my evaluation?

A) We ask our evaluators to return their critique within two weeks, but response time can be longer depending on the intricacy of your submission. Four to six weeks is the average turn-around time.

Q) Can I write to my evaluator to personally thank them?

A) No. Anonymity is an important aspect of the program. It allows the evaluator to be completely candid in their evaluation. If you have questions or comments for your evaluator, send them to bonnie@americandanceabroad.org and she will pass along the message for you.

Q) I’m having trouble thinking of questions to ask my evaluator. Can you help?

A) Yes. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like help preparing your submission. The following are a few examples of questions that have been asked by participating companies, which elicited helpful feedback from programmers:

Question about Video Sample:

  • Because my immersive installation work is designed to be experienced from multiple perspectives, a video cannot accurately represent a performance. How do I communicate the experience the audience has, moving at will during a performance?

Question about Tech Rider:

  • Our mixed repertory programs typically travel in 4-6 suitcases checked as excess luggage, and in some cases an additional small freight case (30 kg). Our rider states that the presenter will reimburse both the excess bag fees (typically $100/suitcase each way on international flights) and the freight costs. Is this an unusual or unreasonable request for presenters in your region?

Question about Marketing Materials:

  • When pitching to an international programmer, what are the top three questions we should be prepared to answer?

Try to be detailed and specific in your questions – it will provoke more thought by your evaluator.

Q) I have concerns about the feedback I received from my evaluator. Can we discuss it?

A) Yes. Every Professional Critique participant has the option of scheduling a phone or Skype meeting with one of the American Dance Abroad Co-directors (Andrea Snyder or Carolelinda Dickey) to discuss the results of their evaluation. They have vast experience and can help you put the results of your critique into perspective.

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