Navigating the international dance scene can be daunting as trends change, people change positions, politics evolve, and economics are ever in flux. While we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, new issues emerge that need to be considered, but also new opportunities can emerge as well. American Dance Abroad can work with your organization to help you define
your goal and map out a strategy to realize it. We can work in the manner that fits your individual situation, including:

●An individualized hour-long coaching session or series of sessions to create a strategy and implementation plan for your company’s work. Meetings can take place over the phone or through video conferencing, or in person, when possible.
●A half-day (4 hours) to consult with you on your company’s current and future plans, as well as offer experienced advice to position yourself strategically in the global marketplace and institute international work into your organization’s structure. Meetings can take place in person or with video conferencing.
●A full day or multi days of working with your staff and Board of Directors that includes positioning and training. Meetings work best when they can take place in person, but for the near term all meetings will be divided into time blocks of short duration and will occur using video conferencing.

One-hour coaching/consultation sessions are offered beginning at $150 per hour. Fees for more in-depth work can be discussed. To inquire, please email us.


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