Individual Supporters

Thank you to all who contributed to American Dance Abroad’s
2016 Year-End Campaign:

Murray and Lisa Horwitz
Robert Lynch
Nelva Bledsoe
Nathan Sheckman
Marc Snyder
Ken Tabachnick
Jeremy Steinberg
Nancy Baron-Baer
Spider Kedelsky
Yanira Castro
Joanne Rile
Gail Abrams
Helen McRoberts
Jeff McRoberts
Kathleen Hastings
Elaine and Bernard Roberts
Margot Stein
Jessica Andrews
Sali Ann Kreigsman
Sophie Myril-McCourty
Elizabeth Sobo
F. Norton Owen
Sophie Maupoil
Bob and Carol Neu
Verdery Roosevelt
Rob Marx
Christine Bonansea Saulut
Susan Morris
Marianne Pohle
Michael Levitan
Nancy Snyder
Keila Cordova
Nancy Duncan
Paul King and Walter Jaffe
Jody and John Arnhold
Susan and Robert Meyers
LeConte Moore
Jon Palmer Claridge

Your support is appreciated and ensures that American Dance Abroad
will make an even greater impact in 2017!

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