International Touring

As part of American Dance Abroad’s mission to strengthen the export of American dance, we are tracking dance artists and companies who are touring abroad in the 2016 season.
Our objective is to address the need for international programmers to see American dance in live performance.  To that end, we have created American Dance Recon/Global (ADR/Global), a project that will invite several presenters from the same region to see an American company in concert.  Decisions will be made based on potential in regions where U.S. dance companies are performing, taking into account the particular American dance company, number of interested international dance presenters in that region, timing, and venue.  The presenters’ expenses will be covered through ADR/Global.  We will also work to ensure interaction between the presenters and company, either in a formal, informative setting or more casually.
Please send information about your 2016 touring schedule to with “International Touring” in the subject line.  Details should include performance dates, region, venue and its primary contact information, American dance artist/company/management contact information, and works to be performed, if known.

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