Pitchbook is American Dance Abroad’s biannual publication of new works by U.S. choreographers. The third volume of Pitchbook features 11 dance projects that have premiered since July 1, 2016 or will premiere before June 30, 2018. Check back soon to apply to Pitchbook: Volume IV.Pitchbook3Cover_new

“Pitching” new work to potential producers and presenters is a great way to attract international partners and funding. Face-to-face pitching is a challenge for American choreographers since it requires travel and access to professional gatherings.

Pitchbook publicizes new projects without the necessity or expense of traveling. It is available through print and digital formats, and will be distributed by American Dance Abroad to international programmers at marketplaces and professional gatherings such as Aerowaves Spring Forward (Aarhus, Denmark), Performing Arts Market Seoul (Seoul, South Korea), and China Shanghai International Arts Festival Performing Arts Fair (Shanghai, China).

Read our Pitchbook FAQ to learn more about submitting.

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Download Pitchbook: Vol. I (Free PDF) | Purchase Vol. I from Blurb.com

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