Pitchbook is American Dance Abroad’s biannual publication of new works by U.S. choreographers. Pitchbooks I through VI are available below, as hardcopies or free PDF downloads. Volume VII is now closed for submissions.

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“Pitching” new work to potential producers and presenters is a great way to attract international partners and funding. Face-to-face pitching is a challenge for American choreographers since it requires travel and access to professional gatherings.

Pitchbook publicizes new projects without the necessity or expense of traveling. The digital edition is available for download from the ADA website and is distributed to hundreds of international programmer colleagues through ADA’s newsletter. Print editions are distributed at numerous international dance conferences and platforms.

Pitchbook: Volume VII will be an exclusively digital edition. Given the current challenges surrounding travel and large gatherings, dance programmers are primarily reviewing work online in preparation for future bookings. It will focus on outdoor, site-specific and virtual projects, which may be especially relevant as the dance world transitions back to a ‘new normal’. Submissions are now closed. We look forward to sharing this special edition soon!

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