Professional Critique is an American Dance Abroad learning tool to provide you with feedback from an international programmer. The programmer will review your work, marketing materials and production requirements, and then answer a series of questions designed to help you find your niche in the international landscape. Understanding how one’s work and organization are evaluated through the eyes of an international programmer can help to ensure a more positive touring experience.

As artists and companies engage in international exchange, all facets of their work and their organization come under scrutiny.  Professional Critique can provide you essential answers to how you are viewed by others.

The Professional Critique process takes approximately one month.   A fee of $275 will be charged for submission. After your initial submission, you will be asked to upload all of the materials you would send to an international programmer over the course of an engagement. American Dance Abroad leadership will provide up to an hour consultation to help you tailor your submission.  Upon completion of the programmer’s review, you will receive a written response from the international programmer you are paired with.

Professional Critique is OPEN to new applications.

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Read our Professional Critique FAQ for Companies.
Read our Professional Critique FAQ for Evaluators.


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