Dance Dialogue with International Programmers

Dance Dialogue is a series of articles written by international dance programmers
about the venues/festivals that they program, their aesthetics and their curatorial visions.

Programmer Title Venue/Festival

Benjamin Perchet Artistic Director

Dublin Dance Festival

Eddie Nixon Director of Artist and Theatre Development

The Place

Danny Tan CEO & Founding Artistic Director

Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

Kirsten Seeligmüller  Co-Founder/Director

Dock 11

KK Lam Assistant Programme Manager

Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Limited

Shoghakat MLKE-Galstyan Chief Coordinator


Cathy Levy Executive Producer for NAC Dance

Canada’s National Arts Centre

Atanas Maev CEO Derida Dance Center

Dieter Jaenicke Director

internationale tanzmesse nrw

Konrad Kurowski Curator/Programmer

Lublin Dance Theatre / Centre for Culture in Lublin, Poland

Karen Cheung Head of China Dance Development

Beijing Dance Festival / City Contemporary Dance Festival

New articles are added approximately once a month.
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