Rapid Response Application

Rapid Response is a quick-turnaround assistance program to support transit costs for U.S. dance artists in response to international invitations.

Decisions will be generally announced two weeks after each deadline.

Rapid Response will not support:

  • artist fees or administrative overhead
  • non-U.S.-based artists
  • student invitations, training programs, or auditions
  • artists or companies who have not received a direct invitation

Decision on selection is made based on multiple criteria, rooted in creating the most opportunities for U.S. dance as a whole.  Please recognize that the funding pool for Rapid Response is by its nature limited, and designed as an aid for the artist to independently raise additional funds.

By submitting, you agree to do the following if your request is supported:

Before leaving:

  • Provide documentation of the invitation
  • Fill out and submit a W-9 for your organization or as an individual
  • Sign and submit a letter of understanding

After the engagement:

  • Submit paid receipts for supported transit costs
  • Submit a final report to American Dance Abroad within two weeks of the end of the international engagement
  • Publicly identify that American Dance Abroad supported your ability to accept the invitation

If requested:

  • Submit photos, video, or consent to be interviewed




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