Travelogue Update, Santos, Brazil, Friday, September 6

7 Sep

From an introduction to SESC representatives at the recent ISPA Congress in Wroclaw, Poland, we were invited to attend the BIENAL SESC DE DANCA 2013 IN Santos, Brazil.  Overnight flights to Sao Paulo followed by a four-hour car ride that should have taken at most one hour.  Traffic and fog literally froze traffic to a standstill on the highway!

There is nothing like this organization in the U.S.  It’s a multi-dimensional state and national social and cultural system.  The SESC Santos headquarters includes a large, fully equipped theatre, restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and visual arts gallery, all serving the public.  It’s supported by a 1% state-wide business tax.

Our goal is to identify and begin building dialogues with Latin American programmers and artists attending the Bienal.  Our SESC hosts are graciously and generously introducing us to colleagues, including members of the South American Dance Network, which we are excited to know exists.

More to come…


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