Reflections on Santiago a Mil Festival, by Andrea Snyder

4 Feb

Festival signageIn mid-January Carolelinda and I attended the last week of the Santiago a Mil International Festival, a three-week theatre (and dance) festival. The last week – the Platea – welcomed over 200 international professionals, whose work is crucial to enabling the production, distribution and programming of the performing arts. The days were spent in discussions, roundtables, informal conversations, and staying cool in the 90+ degree weather. The late afternoons and evenings were packed with performances.

Dancers using space at GAM to rehearse

Dancers using space at GAM to rehearse.

Fleeting Impressions:

  • Festival  heavily focused on theatre—discussions took place with leadership about strengthening dance programming in future.
  • Much of the theatre work – and some of the dance – was edgy, political, and non-mainstream.
  • Theatres were full and audiences were enthusiastic.

The relaxed atmosphere allowed for easy dialogue with international colleague—plenty of opportunities to meet new programmers and network, while drinking lots of coffee!

For those who attended the festival, what were your impressions? Please share your thoughts!

Waiting to attend dance work Insomniac

Waiting to see Insomniac dance performance

Reception at Santiago A Mil Festival

Reception at Santiago a Mil Festival

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