National Dance Project Travel Fund

27 Apr


Type of Opportunity: Funding for U.S. presenters, curatorial staff, residency directors, or current NDP artist grantees

Deadline: Rolling

National Dance Project Travel Fund provides monetary assistance for U.S. based presenters, curatorial staff, and residency directors or for current NDP artist grantees to connect in person to explore feasibility of presenting NDP-funded works.


Travel supported through the NDP Travel Fund should aid tour planning for NDP funded works and build relationships between NDP artist grantees and presenters, curators, and other field professionals who can support the touring of their work in the United States.


The NDP Travel Fund accepts applications from either:

  • U.S.-based curators, presenters, residency directors, or related staff (such as program or production staff) to:
    • travel to see works currently eligible for NDP presentation support to determine if they will be able to present the NDP work in their community, or
    • bring a currently-funded NDP artist to their community for meetings and advance planning to lay the groundwork for touring the NDP project.
  • Artists currently in the creation or touring period of work supported by an NDP Production Grant to:
    • travel to conduct advance tour planning with a potential presenting organization or individual to assess the feasibility of touring their work there, including meetings with local community members in relation to the project, site visits to determine appropriate venues or technical capacity to present the NDP project, etc.

Only one individual or organization, and one individual per organization may apply for the same trip.

The following is not eligible for NDP Travel Fund support:

  • Travel associated with projects not currently supported by NDP Production Grants.
  • Travel funded by other NEFA programs (New England Presenter TravelNational Theater Project Presenter TravelExpeditions Tour Planning).
  • Travel focused on teaching, residency work, or personal travel, or additional elements of the creation and development of the NDP supported work.
  • Travel costs that would supplement engagements already funded through NDP Presentation GrantsPRD grants, or Community Engagement Funds.
  • International travel and travel to Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) and related performance festivals that take place in January in New York City are not currently eligible for support; certain exceptions may be considered on a limited basis if funds allow. Please contact Cheri Opperman in advance of applying to discuss.


NDP Travel Fund grants can be used to cover mileage, economy class transportation, meals, lodging, admission to performances, and, where applicable, conference or showcase registration fees. In general, grants range from $500 to $1,500 based on trip length and travel distance.

NDP Travel Fund gives priority to applications based on:

  • A clear intent and interest in touring an eligible NDP funded work.
  • Strength of proposed interaction between at least one eligible NDP artist and presenting or related staff as a result of the travel. Interaction should include activity beyond attending a performance of the NDP funded work.



  • Application is due 40 days or more prior to the date of departure, and not more than nine months prior to departure. Please keep in mind that NEFA offices may be closed at the time of submission. Allow as much time as possible in advance of your trip.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact grant staff prior to applying.
  • Funding decisions are made within four weeks of application receipt.
  • Grantees must submit a grantee report within 40 days of completing the funded travel in order to regain eligibility for NEFA grants.
  • Payment is made upon approval of grantee report. Please contact Cheri Opperman to discuss options for partial advancement of funds prior to travel.

Rolling Deadline
NDP Travel Fund Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Please contact NDP Grants Coordinator Cheri Opperman in advance of applying.

NDP Travel Fund grants may be paid directly to individuals, 501(c3) organizations, or to fiscal sponsors. Travel Fund grants may be taxable income for recipients and reportable to the IRS.  Grantees, including individuals, will receive a 1099 from NEFA if total payments from NEFA exceed $600 within a calendar year.

Click below to REGISTER and BEGIN your grant application. You may save and return at any time.


Click below to LOG IN and RETURN to your grant application.




The grant recipient must submit the following to NEFA within 40 days after their travels:

NDP Travel Report (submitted online) within 40 days of completing the funded travel in order to receive payment and to regain eligibility for NEFA grants.


Cheri Opperman | NDP Grants Coordinator | 617.951.0010 x524

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