Rapid Response successfully funded at $10,000!

15 May

We are grateful to announce that American Dance Abroad received $10,000 through its Indiegogo campaign for Rapid Response, a quick-turnaround micro-grant project to help U.S. artists respond to international invitations in time.

Rapid Response was created as a result of a gap we saw where many small and midsize companies were receiving a great deal of positive feedback and invitations to choreograph, teach, perform, or be in residence internationally, but were not able to meet those invitations due to a lack of funding.  This often was not a huge amount of funding, usually just the costs of a few flights, but even that is too much risk for the already risky economics of a dance company.  Moreover, the few noble organizations that do provide travel funding often necessarily require applications far in advance of the actual event.  Invitations tend to pop up last minute, and we believe it can make an enormous difference in the expansion of the marketplace for U.S. dance if even a portion of those invitations can be answered.

That is why we were so thrilled to see a positive public reaction to Rapid Response through our Indiegogo campaign.  Word spread slowly, but the campaign received a sharp spike of donations in its last week.  The final count on Indiegogo’s site was $9,660, but American Dance Abroad also received several checks in the mail, totaling over $975 for a final tally of $10,635.

An enormous and collective THANK YOU to all of our contributors.  Your support will help many artists work internationally.



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