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Dance is a visual art! We can talk about it and write about it, but in the end it must be seen.
We all agree – seeing a live performance is best. But internationally, live is not always possible. To share American work, American Dance Abroad travels with flash drives and distributes them to international programmers, presenters and others engaged with inviting U.S. companies abroad. Using physical media bypasses any international limitations on Internet streaming.
We are using USB drives with American Dance Abroad logo. Each drive includes the work of multiple artists. The ideal content for one artist to send includes one full-length, current work that is available for touring.  You can also include one or two additional 10-minute excerpts that define your choreographic voice.  Put the date, title, premiere, and running time of the work at the beginning of the video file. Please avoid grainy or low-quality video, montages, or excerpts with overlaid music.
To send, upload a web-friendly mp4 (720p at about 1000 kbps) file to FileDropper. Send files to There is a 5GB limit on file size, which on average allows for up to 80 minutes of a standard definition video.
Though less preferred, you can alternatively mail a USB drive containing your video file to:
American Dance Abroad
c/o Andrea Snyder
156-08 Riverside Drive West#3B
New York, NY 10032
After uploading, email (Subject line: VIDEO) with:
▪ the name of the choreographer/company
▪ identification of the content (name of piece, date of creation, number of minutes)
▪ contact information (name and email address of most appropriate individual).

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